ICT Threats

When handling national security information, it is of prevailing importance to perceive the issues in all its aspects. Isolated security measures can no longer cope with today's complex ICT threat landscape. Instead, one must grasp the view of a holistic approach to security bringing together physical, logical and IT security. We at Tiara Com are ready to support you in finding a solution that covers all aspects of communication security.


Terminal Threat

From Media reports cyber - attack on IT systems and computers, with governments being hacked are increasingly and some are not reported with reasons. At regular time frame, new malware like viruses and Trojan horses are circulated and do great harm to computer user. Some of them are so sophisticated and powerful that they do not only have the capacity to spy on dedicated equipment but can even reprogram and intervene with systems. Attack aims at certain information of a particular target are term as "Advanced Persistent Threats". These attackers are often associated to other nation, are highly qualified and have time and space, money and persistent to reach their goal.


To protect a communication terminal requires combination of organizational and technical measures, which includes the physical access to the computer, strict log-in authorization, availability of the latest patches and updates, installation of malware defending programs and measures against attacks from all kinds of online and offline media. Inclusive adequate protection for the handling and communication of classified documents must be also being addressed.   Our products significantly contribute to secure your communication terminal and perfectly protected environment for key generation and storage and all encryption and decryption process. It prevents unauthorized access to the sensitive information. We are ready to deliver communication terminals with restricted functional range and eradicate the risk of malware attacks .