ICT Threats

When handling national security information, it is of prevailing importance to perceive the issues in all its aspects. Isolated security measures can no longer cope with today's complex ICT threat landscape. Instead, one must grasp the view of a holistic approach to security bringing together physical, logical and IT security. We at Tiara Com are ready to support you in finding a solution that covers all aspects of communication security.


Network Threat

Communication networks whether you use your LAN, fiber optic cables, radio or satellite networks; any kind of network can be intercepted if there is an interest in your information. No matter, as soon as a message is transmitted out of the organizations, there is no control in terms of eavesdropping, tampering or quality of service. The line interruption due to denial-of-service attacks, natural disasters or construction works or due to service provider mistakes can cause a communication break-down at critical times. Our products provide countermeasures to all of these threats. The highest level encryption and authentication measures guarantee that all eavesdropping and tampering venture will fail. To guarantee a successful delivery even in case of a line interruption, mils electronic products support various independent transmission services .