ICT Threats

When handling national security information, it is of prevailing importance to perceive the issues in all its aspects. Isolated security measures can no longer cope with today's complex ICT threat landscape. Instead, one must grasp the view of a holistic approach to security bringing together physical, logical and IT security. We at Tiara Com are ready to support you in finding a solution that covers all aspects of communication security.


Human Weaknesses

It is the responsibilities of our people to keep uphold national security information. However, those interested in our secrets are often well equipped to deceive our people into doing things they shouldn't. It is very much easier to trick people to gain access to a system rather than only using technology.


Social engineering, for example, is a well-known phenomenon of using, or much more abusing, “friendships” to pursue a certain goal. Security Clearance investigations, limit access to classified information for a restricted number of user, regular review of controls and integration of security level put in place can definitely support you in choosing the right people you can trust and reduce the risk IT Security technology as well as educating your people can be more powerful when tool went used together. We are ready to support you with our consultancy.