ICT Threats

When handling national security information, it is of prevailing importance to perceive the issues in all its aspects. Isolated security measures can no longer cope with today's complex ICT threat landscape. Instead, one must grasp the view of a holistic approach to security bringing together physical, logical and IT security. We at Tiara Com are ready to support you in finding a solution that covers all aspects of communication security.


Office Building

Security controls for a governmental building are imperative to protect our national security information and assets in the routine operations. A part of strict access control to a building, guidelines for the handling of sensitive paperwork must be issued and executed accordingly. Due to negligence, information can be obtained by simply searching the dustbin of an office. These can easily be countered by conscientiously shredding all sensitive documents.


Our people keep changing due to posting policies, sometimes are unaware of protecting the office internal security which also requires the promotion of an internal culture of security to make people aware to delicate security issues. Best approach to achieve office security is the ISO 27001 certification. The process goes through all aspects of the security matter and guarantees that no risk area is overlook. We also provide ICT security awareness seminars.