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We are specialized company that provides highly secured information and communication products and services for government enforcement agencies, selected public authorities, telecommunication companies, banking & financial sector and Military agencies local and Asian market consult us for highest level of ICT security protection and monitoring & surveillance system solutions.

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We are your excellent partner if you take information and communication security seriously. Our products are custom-made, tailored to provide unbreakable security and exclusive monitoring. Our positive standing results from a successful track record of over two decades had attain integrity and reliability to be recognized as MSC status companies. MSC status company was awarded to Tiara Communication Sdn Bhd on 8 August 2007.

Our Quality

Customer satisfaction is one of our foremost company objectives. Further to that, we are convinced that our principal supplier of information and communication products adhere to Quality Management System are certified according to ISO standard and manufacture products by our supplier are fully guarantee workable as per technical specification.

Our Culture

Our priority commitment is to our customers. We are to ensure our customer satisfaction by delivering the latest state of the art technology with quality product and services that precisely meets our customer specifications. Integrity is the key to our company's reputation in the business. We duly respect the privacy of our customers and keep any secret information strictly confidential. Furthermore, we believe that the future of a country relies on as a responsible corporate citizen by continuously promoting national interest specifically in area of information and communication security.

Our Experiences

Over the decades, we have achieved vast experience in serving and delivered ICT security products to security related government agencies, locally and internationally. As more technical and cryptology advances develop, we shall continue sharing our experience and update knowledge to our present and future client in all aspects of training, seminar and cryptology advancement. We are committed to support our customers with the most secure messaging products and other related ICT security products on the market today.







What Exactly Are the NSA’s ‘Groundbreaking Cryptanalytic Capabilities?’


The latest Snowden document is the US intelligence “black budget”. There's a lot of information in the few pages the Washington Post decided to publish, including an introduction by Director of National Intelligence James Clapper. In it, he drops a tantalizing hint: “Also, we are investing in groundbreaking cryptanalytic capabilities to defeat adversarial cryptography and exploit internet traffic.”

Honestly, I'm sceptical. Whatever the NSA has up its top-secret sleeves, the mathematics of cryptography will still be the most secure part of any encryption system. I worry a lot more about poorly designed cryptographic products, software bugs, bad passwords, companies that collaborate with the NSA to leak all or part of the keys, and insecure computers and networks.


From Internet on April 09, 2013
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